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Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens
by Jorge Cervantes
ISBN-13: 978-1-878823-27-4
ISBN-10: 1-878823-27-2
Price: $14.95
Book Details:
143 pages
Trade Paperback
8.56 x 5.58”
Carton Qty: 66

Get the inside story from five growers. They give every last detail of their grow operation (except location) - how they harvest heavy crops of potent marijuana indoors. They tell everything—how to choose a safe house, build a grow room and cloning chamber, install ventilation, hydroponics gardens and grow lights. Find out how the experts use special growing techniques to get the most from potent indica/sativa varieties, clones, transplants, pruning, fertilizers, grow lights, and scheduling to grow superb bud on a budget.

Sixty full color photographs, more than 80 black and white drawings, charts and graphs illustrate the text. An index and an indispensable appendix of formulas and conversions is also included.