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Gardening Books
We feature hydroponic gardening books in this catalog.
Hydroponic Basics
by George F. Van Patten
ISBN-10: 1-878823-25-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-878823-25-0
Price: $5.95
Book Details:
80 pages
Trade Paperback
6.36” x 4.16”
Carton Qty: 216
Shrink-wrap Qty: 24

This simple little book is packed with information on hydroponics gardening. The graphic color, layout and design helps guide a hydroponics gardener through basic plant science and environment to purchasing a garden and appropriate supplies. Plans for making your own hydroponics garden, nutrient deficiencies, plant problems, and growing a garden, beginning to end, are all included in this invaluable guide.

Review Quotes:

“While Hydroponic Basics is targeted at the indoor hobby gardener, its small format and simplicity makes it an ideal entry-level book for students and educators, as well as newcomers considering a small-scale hydroponics garden.”

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