Van Patten Publishing is proud to announce The Cannabis Encyclopedia is now available!

“Jorge Cervantes is the most trusted name in marijuana cultivation.” -- High Times

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"For over twenty years, Gardening Indoors has been considered 'The Bible' of indoor growing. It is literally a one stop gardening encyclopedia of information for both the beginner to the very experienced gardener. If I were to buy only one book on indoor gardening, this would be the one."
— Tom Alexander, Growing Edge magazine
"Everything you need to know about hydroponics and then some! George Van Patten is the author. (Need I say more?) The book, Gardening Indoors, is written in layman’s terms and is complete with illustrations and photos. A necessity for all indoor gardeners!"

— Jim Jesson, Maximum Yield magazine
"While Hydroponic Basics is targeted at the indoor hobby gardener, its small format and simplicity makes it an ideal entry-level book for students and educators, as well as newcomers considering a small-scale hydroponics garden."

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses
Marijuana Grow Basics will provide patients and their caregiver cultivators all the up-to-date and necessary information to engage in self-preservation and autonomy from the vagaries and dangers of the so-called black market.”

— Allen St. Pierre, executive director, NORML, Washington, DC
“A quick, concise, and easy-to-read manual that covers every aspect of cannabis cultivation . . . a positively refreshing photo-grow-journal!”

— Cliff Cremer, chief editor, Soft Secrets, Amsterdam, Holland
“Growing made easy for the zap generation!”

— Jan Sennema, cannabis journalist, Amsterdam, Holland
“The first ‘Plug ’n Play’ guide about cannabis cultivation.”

— KIMO, Hanf Journal and THCene, Berlin, Germany
“An indispensable tool for the growers of the world—the true rebels who are changing the world one plant at a time.”

— Johnny Vee, editor in chief, SKUNK Magazine, Montreal, Canada
“The master tells how to grow with new outstanding photos and text . . . If your plants need LOVE, call JORGE!”

— Rob Tuinstra, editor in chief, Highlife, Amsterdam, Holland
“A simple yet effective tool for the grower; he’s done it again!”

— Lorna Clay, director, Cannabis College, Amsterdam, Holland
“After the Bible, . . . simply the most detailed and exhaustive basic guide.”

— Maurizio Birocchi — editor in chief, Dolce Vita, Milan, Italy
“With Marijuana Grow Basics, Jorge Cervantes brilliantly sets new standards for the easiest—and yet totally complete—grow book. A must!”

— Tigrane Hadengue, publisher, Mama Editions, Paris, France
"Jorge Cervantes’ expert grow advice in books, DVDs and in his monthly column for HIGH TIMES magazine solidly places him in the "World's Cannabis Horticulture Hall of Fame."

— M. C. McEvoy, publisher, HIGH TIMES, New York, USA
"Don't get locked in the closet without it!"

— Phil Kilv, founder/publisher, Weed World, Coventry, UK
"Jorge has 'cut down' the paragraphs without 'watering down' his original concepts of cannabis cultivation."

— Lazystrain, grow reporter, Soft Secrets, London, UK
"This book sets the new standard for beginners!"

— Jensi Skunk, Haniblait, Germany
"One more time the great 'guru' of marihuana surprises with this complete cultivation guide."

— Gonzalo Belchi, redactor, Spannabis, Madrid, Spain
"Jorge leads the frontline of growing marijuana worldwide!"

— Mike J. Hurt, editor, BURST HIGH, Tokyo, Japan
"A must for indoor growers!"

— Gábor Lukács, editor in chief, Cannabis Kultusz, Budapest, Hungary
"Just the right amount of text and hundreds of colour images"

— Marco Renda, federal (medicinal cannabis) exemptee and publisher, Treating Yourself, Toronto, Canada
"Another success from the author who has done much to advance marihuana cultivation"

— M. Lopez, redacción, Cañamo, Barcelona, Spain
"All you need to grow is here, wonderfully illustrated by hundreds of coloured pictures."

— Zbynĕk, Konoptikum, Brno, Czech Republic
Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics has been a work in progress since the first edition and it gets better with every revised edition. It will appeal to indoor gardeners worldwide.”

— Steven Carruthers, Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine
“If you want to grow weed, this is the book you need!”

— David Bienenstock - Editor, High Times magazine
“The new Bible is without a doubt the best grow book on the market”

— Phil Kilv, Editor in Chief, Weed World magazine
“Fun, informative, illustrative, hands-on and authoritative.”

— Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director, NORML, Washingtonl, DC
“. . . a true and valuable encyclopaedia for the modern cannabis cultivator. This is a must read.”

— Rob Tuinstra, Chief Editor, High Life magazine
“Putting aside any legal and moral judgements one may have about marijuana, this is one hell of a book.”

— Jeff Lowenfels, America's Longest Running garden columnist, Fellow and Hall of Fame member, GWA, America's dirtiest lawyer.
“well-researched, well-written and well-put together. It is high quality knowledge. A must-read!”

— Cliff Cremer, International Editor, Soft Secrets magazine
"Jam-packed with tons information, a must-have for any ganja lover."

— Kaya Spring, Editor, Heads magazine
“With this most recent edition of his Bible, Jorge proves once again he remains far ahead of the pack.”

— Steven Hager, Cannabis Cup Founder
“Weighty, comprehensive, beautiful. The outright world leader. Nuff said.”

— Lyndon, Editor in Chief, CCNEWZ magazine
“In my book, it’s an A+, read.”

— Soma, Soma Seeds
“No stone is left unturned in this must have book.”

— David Strange, Editor in Chief, Skunk magazine
“The new Bible is a must read for all marijuana lovers, from novices to experts.”

— Moseñor Jose María, Soft Secrets magazine, Spain